Those of us who have had to have braces to straighten or realign our teeth can confess

Those of us who have had to have braces to straighten or realign our teeth can confess that we love the results, but having to wear the braces for up to two years or more was not something that we looked forward to. The good news is that with dental advances, a beautiful result can now be obtained within a timeframe of about six months.

With a process called “Six Months Smiles,” your first visit to the dentist will include an examination with photographs and x-rays to determine that this treatment plan will work for you or if traditional braces are needed. The Six Months Smile method of braces concentrates on moving the teeth that show when you smile and can be used for a wide variety of problems including: Overbite – front teeth overlap Underbite – lower teeth protrude beyond your upper teeth Crossbite – teeth do not bite on the right side of each other Openbite – teeth do not touch when you bite Crowding – teeth are too close together Spacing – the gaps between your teeth are too large Overjet – front teeth jut out Misplaced Midline – the midline of your upper and lower teeth aren’t in alignment While the Six Month Smile method of braces still uses wires and braces to move your teeth, the braces are clear and the wires are tooth colored so that they are only visible when someone Extrusion Pen Packaging is close to you.

And while there may be some adjustment for the first few days, it will ease quickly because the system uses gentle, low force to move your teeth more comfortably. And you will wear the braces for six months or less. Once your braces are fitted, you will need to see your dentist every four or five weeks for only fifteen minutes or less to have an adjustment.  Six Month Braces™ aren’t appropriate in every situation, but in many cases they are a safe, effective solution for straightening teeth. The main advantages of the Six Month Smiles system are:

The treatment time from that of traditional braces is greatly reduced.

Discomfort is minimal because the system uses wires that exert a light but continuous force to move your teeth.

You can be done by your next cleaning.

Cost for the Six Month Smiles is less than you would pay for traditional braces Because the wires are small and tooth-colored, the braces are almost invisible.

After the initial six months (or less) of wearing the braces, you will be fitted for a retainer (either a removable nighttime retainer or one that can be bonded to the back of your teeth and will not show) to help ensure that your teeth will maintain their new positions.

By examining a patient’s teeth and assessing the results that need to be accomplished with braces, a dentist can then determine whether or not the Six Month Smile system is an appropriate choice. When it is, the process of having and wearing braces is comfortable, convenient and can be done in six months or less.

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