Your smile is very important to the way that you feel about yourself because

Your smile is very important to the way that you feel about yourself because it is the first thing that people see when they look at you. If your teeth are imperfect or if you have problems with your gums, you can become self-conscious, holding back your smile or even covering your mouth when you talk. Yet none of that is necessary because with today’s dental technology every dental problem can be corrected and your smile can be one that you are proud of and one that positively impacts the way you feel about yourself.

Today a large selection of procedures are available to repair or improve your teeth and your overall smile. If your teeth are yellow or discolored, tooth whitening can whiten and brighten most teeth, and for those that will not respond to whitening, veneers that look just like your natural teeth can be created and cemented to your teeth so that they look, feel and function naturally.

If your teeth have cavities that show when you smile, tooth-colored fillings or tooth-colored inlays or onlays can repair the damage and blend in with your teeth so that no one will be aware that they are even there. And if your teeth are chipped, cracked, crooked or even have gaps China Cosmetic Packaging between them, dental veneers can be placed to cover the problems or procedures such as dental bonding or a re-contouring to change the teeth themselves. Also if you are missing teeth, we can replace them for you with dental implants, which are artificial teeth that secure to your jaw bone and help restore health to both your bone and gum tissue as well as improve your smile.

If you already have either full or partial dentures and they cause problems with the way you feel about yourself because they slip or click when you talk or they prevent you from feeling that you look your absolute best, we can secure them in your mouth with dental implants. Dentures that are implant-supported function just like natural teeth because they are secured to your jaw bone, eliminating any issues not only with your smile but with the foods you are able to eat. They work so well you’ll forget you have dentures!

When the aesthetic problems are more with your gums than with your teeth, we can perform procedures in which we sculpt or re-contour your gums–removing any excess–so that the proportions of your gum tissue and tooth surface are attractive to look at as well as good for your overall oral health. If gum recession has occurred where your gum tissue has pulled away from your teeth exposing the root, a soft tissue graft can be done to cover the tooth root, not only giving you a more attractive smile but protecting the root of your tooth as well.

It doesn’t matter what the issues might be, if the way you look and feel about yourself is being negatively impacted because of problems with your teeth or gums, take time to visit us and discover the options that are available for you in improving your smile and your self-esteem. When your self-esteem is good, life is fun and fulfilling; when it’s not, life can be hard. You, your smile and your self-esteem are important and improving them could be as close as a visit to our office.

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